Nana’s cookies and a cold

this is an official attempt to keep a real live blog for all those friends and family out there that always ask for emailed updates on my oh so interesting life. here ya go.

winter quarter, first week.

it would of course make all kinds of sense that during the first week back to school i would manage to catch yet another cold from someone. britt gave it to me, andy gave it to britt, the cycle goes on. its been a pretty typical cold, swollen glands, stuffy nose, headache, cough, mucus, the works. tea and melatonin supplements have helped a bit. i also procured some natural lavender oils and powders for the bath from my brother mario

layla seems to be doing really well on her foot now, as if the cold doesn’t even hurt her elbow too much – this is a really great sign for us because ive been trying as hard as i can to build her muscle tone back up. for those of you that dont know, layla is my dog that i rescued from under a dumpster about a year ago. since then, shes suffered various worms, flea infestation, parasites, a broken elbow, a jump from a car window, and not to mention she is incredibly shy. shes my hero, champion and best friend.

anyways, the new year came in with a good solid shebang with a great number of friends. and the following day, the pony pen, a local DIY collective type house here in savannah, hosted yet another spectacular show featuring such bands as fight back!, conundrum of nuclear thought, and adam barksdale. jacque and her boyfriend aaron live there with their dogs emma and charlie. they are really swell kids to have around and we all love them tremedously. thanks again guys for hosting.

speaking of hosting though, hopefully i will be hosting my first house show here in savannah. my great friend KyleWilliam of imadethismistake is touring and wanted to play a show in savannah. upon discussion with other friends, weve added two more to the list. murder media from columbia, SC (my great friends peyton and brandon) and their touring mates big attack! from philly will be joining us for a wednesday night of fun.fingers crossed we can pull it off without a hitch.

oh, and to make all matters even better, today i received my nana’s christmas cookies in the mail from my other brother eston. these cookies are of a very special recipe that has become a real family tradition. they cannot be taking lightly either for their creation takes about half a days worth of grinding peanuts and raisins into super tough dough. i must admit though, i was a tad disappointed when my darling brother neglected to send them in the usual pringles chip tin. shame shame eston, shame shame.

as for tomorrow, ill be making my way to columbia to visit those silly boys brandon and peyton. its only been a week back and already i need a vacation. heres to good health.

more updates on classes and activities perhaps within the week.

all my love and more.


~ by elizabetham on January 8, 2010.

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