Much ado about cooking

In effort to thwart these terribly inconvenient circumstances of my life right now, I have decided to finally crack into Nana’s cook book.

Daddy made copies of all her recipes, put them into binders, and gave them to us children after she died. I have made a few things from it, like her corn bread and green bean casserole (with a few adjustments for my vegan friends), but besides the annual christmas cookies I have really neglected it. I’d also like to make more of my signature banana bread. And as for my cake making skills, I plan to finally conquer my incompetence for them.

Anyways, the point is that I want to cook, which means I will probably need mouths to feed. You know who you are.

Sophomore year my roommates and I had all kinds of little dinner parties – it was our little excuse to pretend we were at least a little bit civilized. But now I live alone and though Layla always loves to test the batter, I can’t be having her chow down like the rest of us.

I’m really excited about this because though my Cuban cooking skills may be pretty superb (I cannot lie) my knack for good ole Southern cooking is incomplete and perhaps, maybe, possibly, I can start fusing my knowledge of the two together and really get myself ready for my little fantasy of a business I hope to one day open.

I’m feeling really great about this idea, I think that it might just be a perfect little distraction to get feeling good again.


~ by elizabetham on February 10, 2010.

2 Responses to “Much ado about cooking”

  1. Can you please email me your recipe for Mojo Chicken, beans and rice? The whole shebang? I left my recipe book from Nana at home in Tally, but I think I’ll get Mom to mail it to me at some point soon. I like that we both enjoy cooking 🙂

    I didn’t forget about your birthday present – it’s coming soon!

  2. Absolutely! I’ll write it all out this weekend and email you 🙂

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