IT SNOWED! Yes, in Savannah freakin Georgia. It snowed. I haven’t seen snow fall in about 5 years, and being from Miami…well, it was a big deal.

Anyways, it’s been an interesting couple of days. I managed to semi sort out my mumble jumble of drama. At least for now. As much as it sucks to lose friends, it’s worse I think to create rifts between everyone involved. It must be the hippie in me coming out. But no worries, there was no patchouli involved.

Oh, on a terribly upsetting note, my beloved twin lens Seagull camera is broken! I’ve managed to strip the film advancing crank arm and all of the repair shops are terribly far away and expensive 😦 So for now, we will just have to say, that ‘Big Red’ is in a coma.

Yesterday I finally went out shooting. With a camera that is. A Hasselblad nonetheless. I’ve been drooling over one of them for a while, and found one on ebay. It’s complete with a sweet lens, multiple film backs, and a couple of other nick knacks. Now, if only I had $500 to spend. Anyways, it was really nice to get out there, because I’ve been on a bit of a creative hiatus ever since winter break began. This quarter doesn’t really require much of me and thus I have been really lazy about shooting. Though, the break has definitely done me some good.  My previous class became very politically charged and opinionated and upon reflection I think I let my emotions and conflicts with my professor get the best of me. SO, that being said, shooting was nice, I’m thinking it will give me a good jump start for my senior portfolio. I only wish it were warmer so I could tolerate walking around longer.

I suppose I should give mention to this terrible excuse for a holiday – all I can say is I don’t need no stinkin valentine! I have Layla and we are very happy sitting around in our bathrobes, myself with a glass of wine, and watching James and the Giant Peach together.


~ by elizabetham on February 14, 2010.

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