Sorry for the lack of word vomit – finals are around the corner and wouldn’t you know it, I’ve been running around different states pretending I’ve got nothing better to do but drink 4o’s and wreck havoc.

The house show went off without a hitch..well once it was relocated to my dear friend Chris Parente’s house it was fine. Previous to this shift in plans, I had a very interesting encounter with, I think, the rudest man I have never met. He is my neighbor and also a community leader (?) Regardless, after I kindly asked him for any objections to having a house show he neglected to talk to me about it and instead called the police, my landlord, and the SCAD judicial department. Which created me a whole mess of problems. A simple “Hello, yes, please don’t hold this event” would have done just nicely but instead I was greeted with a voice mail from the chief of police and my school threatening to take away my scholarship because of my “previous records from your time in Florida”

Thanks asshole.

Anyways, the show. Yes the show was perfect and everyone had a great time. We even made a little money for all of the bands.

So then we all went to Fresh Fest 3 in good ole Tallahassee. This was fun. Not much to report other than Nick managed to piss off everyone he met within 5 minutes. Drunkery. Seeing my old friends was really rad though. High fives for that.

Oh and I contracted the plague. All this traveling around got the best of me.

And now my year old Macbook, which my parents got me last birthday/holiday season, is busted. See, when I first got it, my careless roommate at the time, Pear, spilled a glass of orange juice across the keyboard. After taking it to the repair people I thought it was all fixed. And now, a year later, it is entirely screwed up and no longer under warranty. The motherboard needs to be replaced which is like $800-900 and I might as well just get a new computer. However, since the problem wasn’t fixed correctly while it WAS under warranty, I’ll be calling the Mac hotline Monday morning to see what they are going to do to make me a happy person. Because, well, it just seems fair.

I am quickly realizing that all I am doing in this post is complaining. And I really hate that, so I apologize. Don’t worry folks, I’m not getting bitter. Life is good, school is good, and Harvest of Hope is coming up which means I get to see Codee 🙂

Oh and by the way, Layla has been playing with me all day long. I think tomorrow, if I finish my work and the weather stays nice, I am going to take her on a long walk down the tracks. Any takers?


~ by elizabetham on March 7, 2010.

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