Okay, okay. I know – I’m the worst blogger EVER. But really, I’ve got a great excuse –

You see, it’s my last quarter of school EVER, here at the Savannah College of Art and Design. In fact, I only have two more days of class left and graduation is on Saturday. I’m usually not one for big events, but I’m pretty stoked about this one because a whole bunch of my family is coming in for it, I guess because they have nothing better to do. Let see, the guest list as of 7pm this evening is :

Mom, Uncle David, Uncle John, Auntie Joan, Auntie Lynn (whos also my godmother and flying in from AUSTRALIA! But shhh, I’m not supposed to know…),cousin Michael, my big sister Catherine, big brother Eston, his girlfriend Kelly, big brother Mario, Dad, and Mabel.

Lets just say, it’ll be interesting.

Also in the news, another reason I’ve slacked on blogging is I’ve been busy getting my work together for this art show I’m going to be in.

So all you readers better be there!

In Layla news – we had a bit of a scare last week. See, a bunch of friends were gathering for some brews and feuds and Layla is usually really good about loading out of the car and going directly to our friends porch. Except that night I think all the excitement spooked her and she ran off. Even more so, everyone was wasted already when we arrived to they tried to chase her down, which, knowing Layla, scared her even more. So much she wouldn’t even stop for me! What’s worse is she ran out into the street and a stupid SUV clipped her, right where she had surgery on her elbow. AND THEN SHE RAN SOME MORE. I was distraught – none of us could find her, I knew she was hurt, and it was entirely my fault for not being smarter and just putting her damn leash on. After canvasing a good two square miles and getting a good amount of whiskey in me I calmed down a bit, called in the cavalry and we all set out for a second search. After another hour, I returned home to check if she went there while my friends kept on foot.

Needles to say, we found her – but her elbow was way swollen, though its gone down now, but I still worry for her. Dear Layla, always putting herself in harms way. Sigh.

What’s worse is that night, one of our friends was raped.


She had been drunk as a skunk and sauntered off with a fellow whom we all thought we could trust to get her home safely. Apparently not, and I feel even worse knowing that if Layla hadn’t run off, she wouldn’t be out looking, and it wouldn’t have happened. The bright side of all of this? Our dear friend is doing really well actually. She came back with smiles and love and I love her so much more for her strength and courage.

SO – with all the crazy news – we’ve of course come back full circle  and everything seems to be alright with the world again. We even took Layla to the beach 🙂

AND Saturday we went to an EPIC show – Black Tusk, Dark Castles, and PENTAGRAM! Who I’ve been dying to see for YEARS! So amazing. : )

And last night I made lasagna from my Nana’s cookbook – it rocked the house.

Okay, that’s it.


~ by elizabetham on May 25, 2010.

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