au revoir été

Well, I guess it’s now fall.

Work is still going pretty well. Actually really well. Aside from being pretty exhausted 90% of the time, my boss, Jennifer, spent the past few days expressing how much she loves me and thinks I’m her best walker ever. This has been a huge boost to my moral and makes me feel super motivated to keep at it. Today was especially exciting because we talked a lot about her future plans and how that incorporates me. She wants to go back to school next summer and anticipates having me become a so called “president” of the company. This would entail me to loads of responsibilities like scheduling, being the ‘face’ of the company, and corresponding with clients. In addition to the money I would get for my walks, I would also receive a salary and, drum roll please, an office. With a secretary. Can you believe it? Me? Yeah. All of this PLUS she is hoping to get a doggie ’boutique’ opened with this guy that has a store in NYC and wants to expand by adding a store here in Philly. Pretty much it’s very exciting and as long as I keep up the good work, I’m first in line to do a lot of awesome and fulfilling work.

On a sidebar, I am buying two crazy expensive tickets ($250 each) to this ball next month. It’s being held in order to raise money for this community organization that basically teaches underprivileged children how to build a wooden boat from scratch. It’s a great opportunity for kids to get their hands dirty, occupy their time, and teach them something super valuable and AWESOME – I sure wish I could have had this when I was growing up. Anyways, the reason the tickets are crazy expensive is because there is an investor that is matching every ticket sale. So my $500 with equate to a $1000 donation to the organization. How cool is that? Oh, and there’s an open bar too.

So basically, life up here in Philly is going pretty well. I’m super stoked and looking forward to the coming months. My only disappointment is that I’m not in Savannah tonight for the free Baroness show! GUH!!


Oh well. C’est la vie.


~ by elizabetham on October 8, 2010.

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