Columbus was not a good man

Nor do I think there should be a nationally recognized holiday to honor his crimes. How about instead we appoint a day to celebrate the bravery and perseverance of Native Americans? Sound good? Me too.

Anyhoo, I’m feeling a little bummed about not getting to go see the Baroness show that went down in Savannah last week. Here’s a picture of me being bummed:


Also, Vic is off with our friend Rebecca en route to Atlanta. They’re going so that Rebs can get her violin and other belongings from her moms house and to celebrate her brothers birthday. But what should have been a 2 week excursion, has quickly extended into more like a month. Obviously these things happen when you’re catching freight, but I can’t help but miss the fella. Oh well.

Oh, I keep forgetting to mention some exciting news. Though I may not be much of a supporter of politics, I am in fact voting this midterm election. Why? Because my super good friend John Shaw is running for the Florida Senate. And he won the primary. And he is awesome. His platform is to legalize hemp as a cash crop. No, not pot. Hemp. Which is brilliant because we all know how resourceful hemp is. I can’t even begin to describe how hemp could effect our economy. Instead I’ll let John do it:


So anyways, I just wanted to express how I actually feel super proud and privileged to be voting this election.


And speaking of elections. This Christine O’Donnell chick is scarier than Sarah Palin. Seriously. That woman is off her caboose, especially since she is you. What a creeper.


I feel like there was something else I wanted to talk about but, well, it’s Monday and Jeopardy is on. I just can’t help myself.



~ by elizabetham on October 11, 2010.

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