Layster News

Layla has a new vet! His name is Dr. McGuire at Queen Village Animal Hospital. Super nice, personable, articulate, and sympathetic (affordable too!). Basically the best ever. Layla was on the Wellness Plan over at Banfield (the guys over and PetSmart) and after way too much neglect, inconsistency, and in some cases, lies, we decided we’ve had enough of that nonsense.

SO. Layla went in for a consult for her shoulder which has been on and off acting up the past month or two. There’s been some scar tissue building up ever since she had her surgery on her broken elbow more than a year ago. She had been in and out of Banfield constantly doing biopsies, cultures, xrays, and wasting my cash flow. All of this resulting in a whole lot of anti-inflammatory meds and  the suggestion that ‘it should go away.’


Well, this week I noticed that poor ole Layla had been really favoring her leg and licking at her shoulder. After a ridiculous yelling match with the Banfield in Savannah to get copies of her most recent xrays sent up here – they told me before I left that those images could be transferred to a Philadelphia location at a moments notice, of course when I actually ask them to do it they say I’m crazy and that it would cost $70 to send them – I finally spoke to someone with intelligence and got copies of her radiographs.


So basically you can see that the pin that runs from her elbow to her shoulder is angled at the end. Apparently what’s happened is the pin has migrated, as they often do, and is now causing wicked friction and stress. Poor poor Layla. What makes me feel so terrible is that this has been happening for over a month now and I actually listened to the idiots at Banfield. Alas, these things happen and the Layster seems to be the biggest trooper ever. I love her so much. Anyhoo, her surgery to remove said pin in on November 2nd. YAY LAYLA!

In other news, I get paid on Monday. It’s been a CRAZY few weeks – something close to 200 walks. And with Vic coming home soon, I’m thinking I might treat us to a nice night out. Or maybe a couples massage. Something gaudy like that.




~ by elizabetham on October 22, 2010.

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