Layla’s surgery went amazingly well! You wouldn’t believe the fun she’s having now. Those of you privileged enough to have met her can’t imagine how drastically happier she is now. She running, and smiling, playing a lot more, and just overall enthusiastic about life. I am so so so thrilled/proud/relieved that this is all falling into the past and now we can really do some fun things. Like travel around, and go to loads of doggie parks, and RUN! Yes! I am so happy 😀

We hired a new walker this week. It’s a huge relief too because for the past month I’ve been doing like 20 walks a day and I just can’t physically or mentally handle that much work anymore. Also, Savannah, that’s her name, has some crazy ties to my life. For example, she traveled for a good period of time with Douchey McDouchebag Codee back in the hay-day. AND she’s real good friends with dear ole Joseph (who gave me my knuckle tattoos and is probably one of my favorite people in the world AND today is his birthday!) Basically she is really rad and its nice to have someone around that not only lightens the load but also provides really good conversation. She rules. Yay Savannah!

I’ve been following a lot of tumblr photo blogs lately. There’s this one I’m really digging, and maybe I’ll share it later – but not yet for fear that this rad girl doing it will go super viral and become one of those obnoxiously annoying blogs like Punks I’d Like to Fuck*.


Anyways, there was this one crazy image that really kind weirded me out but I just can’t stop looking at it! I’ll share.

* I actually really like the message that PILFS is trying to spread but on more than one occasion photos of my friends have been submitted under my name. Which is not a huge deal, because all my friends are totally bone-able, but at the same time I didn’t like being associated with the idea that I’d like to screw all my good buds. Whatever.


~ by elizabetham on November 10, 2010.

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