Columbus was not a good man

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Nor do I think there should be a nationally recognized holiday to honor his crimes. How about instead we appoint a day to celebrate the bravery and perseverance of Native Americans? Sound good? Me too.

Anyhoo, I’m feeling a little bummed about not getting to go see the Baroness show that went down in Savannah last week. Here’s a picture of me being bummed:


Also, Vic is off with our friend Rebecca en route to Atlanta. They’re going so that Rebs can get her violin and other belongings from her moms house and to celebrate her brothers birthday. But what should have been a 2 week excursion, has quickly extended into more like a month. Obviously these things happen when you’re catching freight, but I can’t help but miss the fella. Oh well.

Oh, I keep forgetting to mention some exciting news. Though I may not be much of a supporter of politics, I am in fact voting this midterm election. Why? Because my super good friend John Shaw is running for the Florida Senate. And he won the primary. And he is awesome. His platform is to legalize hemp as a cash crop. No, not pot. Hemp. Which is brilliant because we all know how resourceful hemp is. I can’t even begin to describe how hemp could effect our economy. Instead I’ll let John do it:


So anyways, I just wanted to express how I actually feel super proud and privileged to be voting this election.


And speaking of elections. This Christine O’Donnell chick is scarier than Sarah Palin. Seriously. That woman is off her caboose, especially since she is you. What a creeper.


I feel like there was something else I wanted to talk about but, well, it’s Monday and Jeopardy is on. I just can’t help myself.



au revoir été

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Well, I guess it’s now fall.

Work is still going pretty well. Actually really well. Aside from being pretty exhausted 90% of the time, my boss, Jennifer, spent the past few days expressing how much she loves me and thinks I’m her best walker ever. This has been a huge boost to my moral and makes me feel super motivated to keep at it. Today was especially exciting because we talked a lot about her future plans and how that incorporates me. She wants to go back to school next summer and anticipates having me become a so called “president” of the company. This would entail me to loads of responsibilities like scheduling, being the ‘face’ of the company, and corresponding with clients. In addition to the money I would get for my walks, I would also receive a salary and, drum roll please, an office. With a secretary. Can you believe it? Me? Yeah. All of this PLUS she is hoping to get a doggie ’boutique’ opened with this guy that has a store in NYC and wants to expand by adding a store here in Philly. Pretty much it’s very exciting and as long as I keep up the good work, I’m first in line to do a lot of awesome and fulfilling work.

On a sidebar, I am buying two crazy expensive tickets ($250 each) to this ball next month. It’s being held in order to raise money for this community organization that basically teaches underprivileged children how to build a wooden boat from scratch. It’s a great opportunity for kids to get their hands dirty, occupy their time, and teach them something super valuable and AWESOME – I sure wish I could have had this when I was growing up. Anyways, the reason the tickets are crazy expensive is because there is an investor that is matching every ticket sale. So my $500 with equate to a $1000 donation to the organization. How cool is that? Oh, and there’s an open bar too.

So basically, life up here in Philly is going pretty well. I’m super stoked and looking forward to the coming months. My only disappointment is that I’m not in Savannah tonight for the free Baroness show! GUH!!


Oh well. C’est la vie.


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Alright alright – I know. Just shush.

Soooooo, lets see, I moved to Philly despite all the nonsense.

Got myself a great apartment, aside from the lack of outlets in the kitchen – but whatever, I got to get creative and that was at least interesting.

Got a job pretty much immediately. Walking dogs in the Rittenhouse Park area. It’s kind of the best job ever. I wake up, drink half a pot of coffee, bike across town. Get keys for the puppers, and my day basically goes something along the lines of:

bike dogs bike dogs bike bike dogs dogs dogs bike dogs dogs bike bike home beer.

I’m also making insanely good money for it too. Enough to pay my rent, bills, grocery stuff, and still have leftover for savings.

So I really can’t complain at all. 🙂

I’m hoping to save enough so that next summer I can buy myself a plane ticket to Vienna to hang with my Cousin Michael and finally finish my backpacking adventure that got cut so short last time abroad.

Also, this past weekend was the 2nd Annual Philly Naked Bike Ride. It was absolutely amazingly great fun. The only disappointment was hearing a lot of onlookers chatting about how we were just doing it for fun and then snapping pictures. So I stopped a few times to explain that every rider has their reasons but for a lot of us it’s about how cyclists are a huge factor in daily traffic and that aside from our clothing, we are basically unprotected from harm. So I’m thinking that since Girl Bike Dog has a lot to do with the organization of the event, and I know a few of them, I might just stroll down there and talk to them about how maybe next year we can be a little more outgoing in our efforts of informing the public as to why were all naked.


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Okay, graduation has long since ended and the partying….well it certainly has not but what can you do?

Aside from the general debauchery that is Savanarchy, a lot in my life has changed drastically and extremely rapidly. It all started with a planned trip to go visit my friend (and whom I thought was the love of my life) Codee. As I am not one for gossip and shit talking I will avoid the gruesome details aside from the ones that really play a role in said changed life.

We (Vic and I) get to 1314 S. 16th Street on the 19th of June, just in time to see Steveo’s, Codee’s roommate, band play at this warehouse called the Ox. Their band is called The Holy Mess, and they are actually pretty good. Aside from the space being brutally hot, I had a really fun time. I even had a good laugh when drunken Steveo smashed a few fluorescent light bulbs down in the basement, for which he got a response of “Oh. You’re in a band, I can dig it.” That was until our friend John Murphy followed suit and they kicked him out. (He’s not in a band. Go figure).

Anyways, my first impression of Codee’s new roommates was pretty good. They seemed down to party but entirely intelligent people too. Wild and crazy, but respectful. My kind of people, right?


As it turns out, they’re all a bunch of hipster pricks with crazy double standards. I’ve never heard so much talk about how they’re all about punk rock and helping others and then when our really good friend Eric shows up with his dog and simply asks to just sleep in the back yard he gets thrown to the streets and ends up sleeping in the woods for the entire week we are there.

Good ole Sara showed up too, and of course she can stay cause she’s the coolest cat in the world and maybe also because she’s a girl.

So Vic and Eric are sleeping in the woods. Sara and I are sleeping at Codee’s. Although it was stupid and didn’t make much sense, we were still having a good time. We all hung out during the day and when it was time for bed we split ways.

Until one day while Codee was at work and told me it was cool for us to just hang out at the house for a little bit. All of a sudden Steveo tramples downstairs and completely ignores all of our attempts to make jovial conversation. No more than two minutes after he returns to his room, I get a text message from Codee telling me that we all have to leave. That we can’t be there unless he’s there. And that We never had permission to hang out in the first place. All this after we had cooked two vegan meals, swept the whole house, did the dishes about 6 times, mopped the floors, cleaned the back yard completely, and gathered all the trash and beer cans.


Given that we were guests we just decided to go ahead and leave. No need to start a ruckus. We had plenty of places around town to go cool our jets – and so we did. But as soon as Codee got off work I was expected to leave with him, ditch my friends, and do whatever I was told. This put me in an awfully awkward situation. Though Eric, Vic, and Sara were straight up cool about it, I still felt like a pretty shitty person leaving them there.

Upon getting back to the house, Codee and Steveo start talking about how Eric is a scumfuck and Vic is just some hipster poser punk that wants to ride trains. (Given that Codee rode trains for three years and is now “retired” and is “too old for that now” and “all I want to do is sit in the back of shows and watch”….which is fine with me, I don’t care what he does. But to pass judgment on people whom he hardly knows really annoyed me. Especially people like Eric who is a veteran, and Vic for whom the only reason Codee is a jerk to him is because we were in a relationship).

Anyways, I let that one slide because I was pretty drunk and honestly didn’t want to get kicked out myself.

So a few days pass, and it’s our last night in town. We had dropped off Sara at the Greyhound earlier that day so that she could go meet some other friends and find Gabe. Eric and Vic are already back in the woods camping out. Codee and I go to this sweet bar called 12 Steps Down where they have $1 PBR pints all day long and to hang out with the roommates. All is well and were having fun. As it starts getting late, Codee and I decide to go home ahead of everyone else so we can have some downtime and say some goodbyes excpet on the way home Codee starts talking trash about Eric and Vic again.

At this point I really didn’t care anymore. Codee, the guy I thought I was so in love with, the guy for whom I wanted to move to Philly for (kinda, but I obviously have other, more important reasons), proved to me once again that he’s not the same person I fell in love with in Tallahassee. I was so upset that we were both crying and I told him I wanted to walk home separate from him. This was not okay for Codee – he started to chase me and yelled at me a lot. When I came across a few kids sitting on their stoop they asked if I needed help to which I replied “No thanks, I’m fine we’re just having an argument and I want to walk a different way from him.”

I managed to slip away from Codee. Only to receive a message from him stating that those dudes (even though they were girls) had beaten the crap out of him. Sorry as I was to hear it, I didn’t really believe it because the girls were really small and specifically understood that I was fine and that Codee was not trying to hurt me. So I found a park and called a few friends. Alec, my sister, Britt. All of whom made me feel a lot better and convinced me to just go back to the house and try to sort it out.

Well, I get to the house and realize I had been locked out. Peculiar. Steveo and his stupid SG girlfriend Rayna open the door and, as I watch Codee who appears to be unharmed scamper off to the backyard, say “You have 5 minutes to get your shit and get the fuck out of the house.”

It’s 2am by the way. And the only place I had to go was to Eric and Vics squat. So here’s me with my arms full of shit and my darling dog Layla traipsing across SE Philadelphia at 2am with no clue as to how anyone with any moral standards could kick a girl my size out of a house at that late hour. Not that I can’t fend for myself, but my arms were full and I had my dog. Goodness forbid that someone should have tried something, I would have been absolutely defenseless.

After about 1 1/2 hours of painstakingly slow walking I finally find Vic in Eric. Exhausted, crying, unsure of what the hell just happened, I tired to sleep with little success.

Th next day I realized I left a few things at Codee’s house. Some underwear, a t-shirt, Layla’s favorite toy, and my Holga camera. The Three of us decide that what had happened last night deserved some sort of explanation…apology….or maybe just a dual. When we got back to the house, Steveo refused to let us in and threatened to call the cops. Yeah, real punk rock. Mmhmm. In which case my reply was “That’s immature. But go ahead because you’re holding my belongings and are refusing to give them back. I’m sure the police will love to hear what you did to me last night.”

They let me in. Though the entire time I collected my things, I was consistently berated for how unpleasant we all were. That were were nothing but ungrateful scumfuck kids who had ‘no idea what punk rock really is’ and that we ‘better not show our face again, or else’.

Whatever. We left.But not without Eric yelling at them through locked doors to quit being pussy hipsters and fight him like a real man. All to the pleasure of the onlooking neighbors.

Anyways, of course no more than about 20 minutes later Codees comes out with his handy dandy cell phone and spends a good 3 hours telling me how I’m not punk rock because my father payed for my college education and as a graduation gift he agreed to pay my rent for a year. Try as I might explain that being ‘punk’ has nothing to do with how much money you have and how its about your attitude and willingness to make things better for yourself and others, I got the response of “you had better cancel your lease cause you’re done in south philly” nonsense and “to get out of his city.”

Now, I’m not a violent person at all. But Vic and Eric had just about had it at this point. So we decided to invite them, yet again, to man up and fight us. If they were so tough and so punk rock and owed the city then they shouldn’t have been so afraid to fight a couple of ‘scumfucks’.

They said they were on their way.

Two hours later?

“We’re too old for kiddie games.”

Right-o then.

So were leaving the city and I leave one last message for Codee telling him he’s lucky he’s so scared, just to be an ass because at this point I think I’m allowed. For which he tells me that he was at the park the whole time and gave the police our friend car make and plate numbers and told them we had drugs. Real nice. Real punk. Real grown up.

Of course the cops never stopped us. And of course Codee’s next plan of action was to call my best friend Shellie and tell her that I stole his stuff, broke his window, trashed his house, and told some kids that he tried to rape him thus getting his ass kicked.

Anyways, I guess at least he showed his true colors sooner than later, right? It especially reminded me of how much I love Vic and how Eric is probably the greatest guy I know.

I’ll be moving to Philly anyways come August and after Vic and Eric are done riding the high line I think Vic is going to come to Philly too. It’s going to be real rad and I’m really excited.


On a side note – I’m now in Canada with my mom and sister at our cottage in Rideau Lake. I will surely post something on the happenings here with loads of photographs as soon as I can.


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Okay, okay. I know – I’m the worst blogger EVER. But really, I’ve got a great excuse –

You see, it’s my last quarter of school EVER, here at the Savannah College of Art and Design. In fact, I only have two more days of class left and graduation is on Saturday. I’m usually not one for big events, but I’m pretty stoked about this one because a whole bunch of my family is coming in for it, I guess because they have nothing better to do. Let see, the guest list as of 7pm this evening is :

Mom, Uncle David, Uncle John, Auntie Joan, Auntie Lynn (whos also my godmother and flying in from AUSTRALIA! But shhh, I’m not supposed to know…),cousin Michael, my big sister Catherine, big brother Eston, his girlfriend Kelly, big brother Mario, Dad, and Mabel.

Lets just say, it’ll be interesting.

Also in the news, another reason I’ve slacked on blogging is I’ve been busy getting my work together for this art show I’m going to be in.

So all you readers better be there!

In Layla news – we had a bit of a scare last week. See, a bunch of friends were gathering for some brews and feuds and Layla is usually really good about loading out of the car and going directly to our friends porch. Except that night I think all the excitement spooked her and she ran off. Even more so, everyone was wasted already when we arrived to they tried to chase her down, which, knowing Layla, scared her even more. So much she wouldn’t even stop for me! What’s worse is she ran out into the street and a stupid SUV clipped her, right where she had surgery on her elbow. AND THEN SHE RAN SOME MORE. I was distraught – none of us could find her, I knew she was hurt, and it was entirely my fault for not being smarter and just putting her damn leash on. After canvasing a good two square miles and getting a good amount of whiskey in me I calmed down a bit, called in the cavalry and we all set out for a second search. After another hour, I returned home to check if she went there while my friends kept on foot.

Needles to say, we found her – but her elbow was way swollen, though its gone down now, but I still worry for her. Dear Layla, always putting herself in harms way. Sigh.

What’s worse is that night, one of our friends was raped.


She had been drunk as a skunk and sauntered off with a fellow whom we all thought we could trust to get her home safely. Apparently not, and I feel even worse knowing that if Layla hadn’t run off, she wouldn’t be out looking, and it wouldn’t have happened. The bright side of all of this? Our dear friend is doing really well actually. She came back with smiles and love and I love her so much more for her strength and courage.

SO – with all the crazy news – we’ve of course come back full circle  and everything seems to be alright with the world again. We even took Layla to the beach 🙂

AND Saturday we went to an EPIC show – Black Tusk, Dark Castles, and PENTAGRAM! Who I’ve been dying to see for YEARS! So amazing. : )

And last night I made lasagna from my Nana’s cookbook – it rocked the house.

Okay, that’s it.

cooking escapades

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Alright, so, yet again I have slacked off on the blogosphere. But it’s alrightie roo because you’re in for a delicious treat. I’m not going to tell the Harvest of Hope story just yet, because that will take quite some time to write out. Instead, I’ve finally collected a few photographs of the food Victor and I have made together in recent months. All these recipes live in our heads and at some point, when I get that business loan and open up my own gallery/restaurant these might just be some of the tasty items on the menu.

This dish is a combination of spicy saffron rice, black beans, yellow pepper, onion, and a super secret medley of my favorite spices.

This little number is by far the dankest hummus I have ever concocted. Normally, one would add tahini to their hummus, but I’m not the biggest fan so this go around I just used straight chickpeas, garlic, olive oil, loads of cayenne pepper, and, as always, my secret medley of spices.

This was tonight’s dinner! We made cheese ravioli with a simple white sauce (butter, flour, milk, nutmeg, cinnamon, black pepper). On top we also sauteed some onion and garlic plus parmesan cheese on top. With it I roasted some asparagus in the oven with more onion, garlic, olive oil, and a couple of spices.


(you know your jealous.)