Out of Hibernation

•April 29, 2011 • 1 Comment

Okay, for real, Winter was pretty brutal.

So what’s up Spring?

The past couple of months haven’t been anything special. Still going strong with the dog walking and bike rides. If there’s anything to report it’s probably how much I’ve been geeking out on my bike. Got some new wheels, new stem, new cranks, new grip tape (gasp! I still can’t believe it myself), new pedals, new straps, and soon enough a new headset.

She’s one spoiled Italian.

Oh, I saved a pigeon. He got attacked by a dog in the park and really damaged his wing.

His name is Poe and he likes my spitty chewed up almonds.

Meanwhile, Vic and I are getting ready to move out of the mouse trap apartment and away from my crazy effin neighbor. We found this wicked house with like 5 bedrooms, a patio, basement with utility sinks (darkroom anyone?), garage, loads of space to make stuff, the works. Ben is moving up from Savannarchy to join us. Basically it’s going to be amazing.

Here’s a crummy photo of me and the squirrels in the park. Proof that we survived the cold. Obviously Victor didn’t have any trouble. He’s a creature of England.

My sister came up for a visit too. It was real nice to see her. Sometimes I am really amazed at how close we are. For real, it wasn’t too long ago that I was pulling her hair and barking for her to get off the internet so I could AIM chat with my lame friends that got me into trouble. Now she and I are planning road trips together. I mean, I’m not surprised. My mom always told us to be nice because later in life we would want to be friends. Of course she was right. Mom is pretty much always right, even when I think she’s wrong. Moms are funny like that. They also have strangely warm hands. No matter what. Ever notice that?

Also, speaking of family, I’ve been getting homesick and would like to take a trip to Florida to see everyone sometime soon. Though it probably won’t happen until September when Kevin gets married. I guess that’s a good time to go though. So friends, plan on seeing me then.

Oh, and while I’m thinking about it…my best friend…basically ever…John. Well he’s getting shipped out to sea tomorrow. I know he’s going to be fine – he’s going to explore Hawaii, Australia, China, New Zealand, Thailand, India, etc. It’ll be so good for him to see the world, in fact I’m kinda jealous. But I just gotta put it in writing. Brand these words on the internet super highway if you will. He HAS to come home alive. John, if you’re reading this, you better come home. I am totally serious when I say that I will find some crazy Voodoo witchdoctor, raise you from the dead, and kill you again for breaking my heart.

Got it?


Love you dude.

Alright, enough blabbering on my end.


Lizlet 😉



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Happy New Year everyone!

Its been an interesting, or better yet, trying, month if I do say so myself. But that’s life. I have a hard time getting into a nasty funk when things go bad. Gotta stay posi right? Right.


On that note, here is a photo of one of the delicious meals Vic and I made recently.

Breaded chicken breast stuffed with red pepper rustico cheese and green apples paired with a sweet potato puree and plain pasta. Along with that, we steamed cauliflower and made a simple three cheese sauce. Though it lacked in color variety it was one of the yummiest creations to date.


Aside from that, life here is pretty uneventful. It’s winter. It’s cold. I’m ready for beach weather.


Oh, wait. Last night I went to a metal show where our friends in Coffin Dust were playing. And as per usual I got down and dirty. You know, just cause I’m a girl doesn’t mean I can’t throw down. Well anyways, I guess some guy didn’t really enjoy my company and offered my his skull for a snack. The results:

Basically my tooth went through my bottom lip. I took this once I got home and the bleeding had basically stopped. But I sure as shit looked like I was a zombie that had just finished its first meal.


Keeping it posi and metal. Life is good.




Snow and Stuff

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It’s Winter now here in Philly which means snow! And a new hair cut.

For lack of motivation to write, here are some photographs.


Here’s Rittenhouse Park, where I spend a lot of my day in with the dogs. We got an entire foot of snow in one night. It was insane.


This is Layla watching the snow storm. Observe my little 3 foot Christmas tree to the right.


And here’s my haircut. I had the girl blow it out straight just for shits and giggles, plus my boss was paying for it anyways. It’s a little shorter than I wanted but whatever, it’ll grow back.

Oh and I got a new bike. Here’s yet another photo.


Ok, I’m bored now.

A Mild Obsession

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Alright, so Victor and I are sitting here listening to Edith Piaf getting ready to eat leftovers from last nights dinner of pasta with homemade spinach sauce, Italian sausage sauteed with onion, orange bell pepper, and zucchini and I started thinking about Zooey Deschenal and George Clooney. My all time top two celebrity crushes. We’ve both come to the agreement that if either…or both…were to waltz on into our apartment, pure madness would ensue.

Come on, can you really blame us?

So Zooey and George. If you’re paying attention, come on over. Dinner is on us.

Oh yeah, and here’s what din din looked like:

One of our best spur of the moment dishes to date. Whenever we finally get to open our dream business, this will definitely make the menu.

Dead Dogs Don’t Bark

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This week two of my best friends dogs died. Both in Savannah. Both separate incidents of a hit and run. It is beyond me how this has happened and only my greatest sympathies and love go out to Joseph and Zack for their loss.

We will miss you Lessie Mae and Mogley. At least you can nap in the sunshine in each others company.

Lessie Mae











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Layla’s surgery went amazingly well! You wouldn’t believe the fun she’s having now. Those of you privileged enough to have met her can’t imagine how drastically happier she is now. She running, and smiling, playing a lot more, and just overall enthusiastic about life. I am so so so thrilled/proud/relieved that this is all falling into the past and now we can really do some fun things. Like travel around, and go to loads of doggie parks, and RUN! Yes! I am so happy 😀

We hired a new walker this week. It’s a huge relief too because for the past month I’ve been doing like 20 walks a day and I just can’t physically or mentally handle that much work anymore. Also, Savannah, that’s her name, has some crazy ties to my life. For example, she traveled for a good period of time with Douchey McDouchebag Codee back in the hay-day. AND she’s real good friends with dear ole Joseph (who gave me my knuckle tattoos and is probably one of my favorite people in the world AND today is his birthday!) Basically she is really rad and its nice to have someone around that not only lightens the load but also provides really good conversation. She rules. Yay Savannah!

I’ve been following a lot of tumblr photo blogs lately. There’s this one I’m really digging, and maybe I’ll share it later – but not yet for fear that this rad girl doing it will go super viral and become one of those obnoxiously annoying blogs like Punks I’d Like to Fuck*.


Anyways, there was this one crazy image that really kind weirded me out but I just can’t stop looking at it! I’ll share.

* I actually really like the message that PILFS is trying to spread but on more than one occasion photos of my friends have been submitted under my name. Which is not a huge deal, because all my friends are totally bone-able, but at the same time I didn’t like being associated with the idea that I’d like to screw all my good buds. Whatever.

Layster News

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Layla has a new vet! His name is Dr. McGuire at Queen Village Animal Hospital. Super nice, personable, articulate, and sympathetic (affordable too!). Basically the best ever. Layla was on the Wellness Plan over at Banfield (the guys over and PetSmart) and after way too much neglect, inconsistency, and in some cases, lies, we decided we’ve had enough of that nonsense.

SO. Layla went in for a consult for her shoulder which has been on and off acting up the past month or two. There’s been some scar tissue building up ever since she had her surgery on her broken elbow more than a year ago. She had been in and out of Banfield constantly doing biopsies, cultures, xrays, and wasting my cash flow. All of this resulting in a whole lot of anti-inflammatory meds and  the suggestion that ‘it should go away.’


Well, this week I noticed that poor ole Layla had been really favoring her leg and licking at her shoulder. After a ridiculous yelling match with the Banfield in Savannah to get copies of her most recent xrays sent up here – they told me before I left that those images could be transferred to a Philadelphia location at a moments notice, of course when I actually ask them to do it they say I’m crazy and that it would cost $70 to send them – I finally spoke to someone with intelligence and got copies of her radiographs.


So basically you can see that the pin that runs from her elbow to her shoulder is angled at the end. Apparently what’s happened is the pin has migrated, as they often do, and is now causing wicked friction and stress. Poor poor Layla. What makes me feel so terrible is that this has been happening for over a month now and I actually listened to the idiots at Banfield. Alas, these things happen and the Layster seems to be the biggest trooper ever. I love her so much. Anyhoo, her surgery to remove said pin in on November 2nd. YAY LAYLA!

In other news, I get paid on Monday. It’s been a CRAZY few weeks – something close to 200 walks. And with Vic coming home soon, I’m thinking I might treat us to a nice night out. Or maybe a couples massage. Something gaudy like that.